News | August 23, 2021

Serbia, Green Technology First Is Planning To Invest 12 Million Euros In The Construction Of Four Biogas Power Plants

Local company Green Technology First is planning to invest 12 million euros in the construction of four biogas power plants, with installed capacity of 1 MW each, near Sabac in western Serbia.

The Director of Green Technology First Milos Sreckovic said that the electricity produced by the biogas power plants will be supplied to the network of state-owned power utility EPS. The plants will use agricultural biomass (straw, silage, soy straw…) as the main raw material for the production of electricity. which the company will purchase from agricultural producers, since this waste material was not used at all.

Vojislav Vuletic from the Serbian Gas Association saidthat it is good for Serbia to have biogas power plants built, because there is a huge potential for their utilization, and it also helps preserve the environment. Since it is better to produce electricity from agricultural waste than to dump it in a landfill.

Vuletic reminded that several biogas projects are in planning phase: two such facilities should be built in the Bac and Indjija areas, while the companies Slovan Energo and Green Energy plan to build biogas power plants with lower capacity, below 1 MW, in Selenca and Novi Karlovci

He noted that smaller power plants, with up to 1 MW, do not have much influence on the electricity supply system, but these are still useful because they solve the issue of bio waste.

Source: Serbia Energy