Newsletter | January 21, 2021

01.21.21 -- Scrubgrass: Data Saves Jobs In Coal Country

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Scrubgrass: Data Saves Jobs In Coal Country

When your business model is exquisitely sensitive to a changing environment, an investment in real-time data can make the difference between survival and shutdown. That was the case for the Scrubgrass Generating Plant, a 35-employee, 85-megawatt waste-coal-fired power plant in Kennerdell, Pennsylvania. In the last few years, Scrubgrass has used OSIsoft data systems to overcome new market challenges that have already shuttered similar plants.

Analytical Instruments In Water Steam Cycles E-Handbook

Swan Analytical has developed a concise 36-page guide to the key measurements in cycle chemistry, providing an overview of the available technology in power cycle monitoring, along with a discussion of sampling and instrumentation.

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