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ScannerPlus is a unique integrated product which successfully incorporates all of the diverse elements of a complete measurement and control system into a single compact enclosure
ScannerPlus is a unique integrated product which successfully incorporates all of the diverse elements of a complete measurement and control system into a single compact enclosure. ScannerPlus provides unparalleled precision and sophisticated measurement, calculation and control capabilities within a ruggedized housing built to withstand harsh industrial environments. Each system is shipped preconfigured with your selection of built-in analog and digital input/output functions, onboard signal conditioning, including isolation for signal integrity, three dedicated microprocessors, direct-connect field terminations, and an integral keyboard and display. ScannerPlus is fully equipped to operate as a complete distributed measurement and control station with its integral keyboard, visual display, and reconfiguration capabilities.

The Benefits of an Integrated System

The ScannerPlus integrated solution addresses many issues non-integrated products often ignore or leave to third parties to resolve:

Total System Configuration: Our application engineers will help you configure every component of a cost-effective system to meet your custom requirements. Single-source supply eliminates time-consuming research and selection.

Compatibility: With ScannerPlus, you have one power supply, one enclosure, total compatibility within the system, and versatile network options.

Communications: Each ScannerPlus unit is fully equipped with independent microprocessor-controlled serial communications protocols. You can direct-connect to a PLC, PC, VAX, or any MODBUS-compatible device, and multidrop up to 32 additional ScannerPlus units along a single serial line extending up to 4,000' in length. Split microprocessor architecture assures that channels will be monitored continuously, even if a complex calculation is being performed, or a report is being printed.

A Flexible, Rugged, Total System Solution from Azonix

The compact size, light weight (10 lb.), and low power consumption (9 watts) of ScannerPlus make it easy to integrate into virtually any industrial environment. The system operates over a 0 to 60 degree C range with less than a 5 degree C internal temperature rise, and withstands shock, vibration, and EMI/RFI radiation. Our analog input boards interface with mV, V, current, thermocouple, RTD, strain gage, frequency and thermistors, while digital inputs include contact closures, pulses and logic level signals. Output modules include voltage, current and digital control signals.

The complete system is assembled and burned in up to 96 hours and tested over temperature prior to shipment. We record the temperature coefficients of each channel to ensure that we meet our maximum specification of 15 ppm/degree C. Our Applications Group will help configure your system solution efficiently with the capabilities you need.

Process Monitoring and Control— The rugged Scannerplus is built for harsh environments on plant floors, addresses all analog and digital I/O readily, and interfaces with popular third party software. Problem measurements of temperature, pressure and flow are easily made by plugging appropriate I/O cards into the unit.

Pharmaceutical— For sterilization vali-dation applications, where the system's f0 calculation feature, autocalibration capability and reporting versatility provide necessary validation data and documentation.

Power Plant Performance Monitoring— Where high-resolution measurement, excellent stability, and autocalibration are needed to monitor and optimize heat rate performance, and the unit's portability enhances its mobility from site to site. Product Test— Where the unit's compact size and direct field connection to analog and digital I/O are ideal features for in-vehicle testing or benchtop use. Onboard memory stores test results, and the DC power option is particularly useful in this application.

Pilot Plant— ScannerPlus accepts all of the required analog and digital I/O in one compact instrument, has internal math capability for PID and custom control algorithms, provides direct local control, and interfaces with popular industrial measuremenet and control software.

SCADA— ScannerPlus addresses all the required I/O, can be run on DC power, and has a modem interface option. ts compact size and rugged packaging allow it to be mounted directly in the remote area.

Custom Applications— ScannerPlus' modular design is easily customized before or after shipment to operate as a high-accuracy controller, compressor monitore for shipboard applications, cryogenic monitor, biomedical waste controller, or as an entirely custom solution acting as a PLC module for RTD, TC and PID functions.


Physical Dimensions: 7.32"W x 3.62"H (186 x 92mm); Product: 8.21"W x 4.15"H x 9.85"L (209 x 105 x 250mm)
Input Functions: TCs, RTDs, Strain Gage, Frequency, mV, V, mA Thermistors, Pulses and Digital Inputs Current, Voltage, and Digital Outputs
Output Functions: Communications Interface: RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, 20 mA Current Loop (Field Selectable) ADC Resolution: 14-20 Bits Calibrated Accuracy: 0.01% Drift with Temperature: 15 ppm/øC
Common Mode Voltage Isolation: max. 1000 V Input to Output
Common Mode Rejection: 160 dB
Normal Mode Rejection: 60 dB
Temperature Range: 0 to 60øC (-40 to +85øC storage)
Differential Input Protection: 220 V rms
System Power: 110/220 VAC or 5-32VDC

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