Retrofit Services

Source: Peerless Mfg. Co.
Retrofit Services
A Peerless retrofit is a cost effective solution to your separator problem.
The Problem
A C02 Absorber Knockout Drum designed by a competitor, experienced excessive liquid carryover at only 75% of its design flow.

The Goal
Maximize the separator flow and efficiency; and eliminate excessive Amine loss.

The Analysis
CFD identified several problem areas within the separator which could be corrected to optimize performance without replacing the vessel: Improper inlet baffle. High turbulence/velocity at liquid surface. High velocity flow regions within the double bank mist extractor.

The Solution
Our applications engineer designed replacement internals with the following changes: A redesigned inlet baffle for proper flow entry. A "quieting plate" to reduce liquid surface turbulence. A redesigned, single bank mist extractor with P8X Double Pocket Inertial Vanes.

The Benefits
Upon manufacturing completion, new internals were "24 Hour" shipped to the job-site where a Peerless technician supervised their installation. Benefits included:

  • Quick project turnaround minimized production losses.
  • Our cost effective Retrofit Solution did not require a new vessel.
  • Original flow design capacity achieved without efficiency loss.
  • Excessive Amine carryover was eliminated. Actual loss was > 0.1 gal/MMSCF of gas flow.
  • Shorter payback due to Amine recovery and reduced downstream maintenance costs.

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