Retrofit Circuit Breakers

Source: General Switchgear, Inc.
Much of the existing switchgear in operation today in nearing the end of its reliable live expectancy
Much of the existing switchgear in operation today in nearing the end of its reliable live expectancy. (Approximately 20 years.) This is forcing many users to make a difficult decision. In the past, a user had two choices; 1) Leave the existing switchgear in place until it failed or 2) replace it with new switchgear. Both choices are expensive to the user in both service interruption and money.

General Switchgear, Inc. can offer the user a third choice; Retrofit the existing Circuit Breaker. We take an existing air circuit breaker and remove the operating mechanism and contacts. On the frame of the existing breaker we mount a new vacuum or SF6 circuit breaker, bus to the bushing and wire to the secondary control disconnect. The retrofit breaker easily racks into the existing cell because the new breaker is mounted on the existing frame.

By retrofitting circuit breakers you will receive the following benefits.

New Circuit Breaker
The most important part of the switchgear is replaced with a modern reliable circuit breaker.

Minimal Down Time
Service interruption is just a few minutes to rack the old breaker out and the new retrofitted breaker into the cell.

Low Cost
By only replacing the breaker the cost of modernizing in minimized.

GSIs retrofit circuit breakers are warranted as new circuit breakers.

All retrofitted circuit breakers are tested to ANSI standards. Short Circuit and BIL test can be performed.
General Switchgear, Inc. has been in the forefront of this technology. We have provided retrofitted circuit breakers to utility and industrial users. GSI has retrofitted almost all makes of circuit breakers at 600 V, 5 kV, and 15 kV.

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