Newsletter | June 30, 2005

6.30.05 — Report Suggests Energy Trading Market To Grow By 30%
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Featured Article
Application Brief: H2 Monitoring Tests Transformer Condition
Electrical utilities use large electrical transformers to drop the voltage coming from power lines. These transformers can be huge; the size of a car or greater. The transformers are sealed with an oil bath surrounding all of the electrical coils inside. This oil bath acts as both a coolant and an insulator. At the top of the transformer, there is a head space that has no oil and is filled with nitrogen, generally under a slight positive pressure. For a new transformer, this nitrogen blanket will remain "clean" for a long time. As the transformer ages, and the insulation between the wire coils starts to break down, the high voltage can arc between two adjacent coils of the transformer...

Top News Stories
Report Suggests Energy Trading Market To Grow By 30%
GE To Provide Five Lms100™ Gas Turbines
Ofgem To Connect More Renewable Generators To Network
Reclamation Licenses Technology To Measure Magnetic Field In Generators
RWE NUKEM Awarded Nuclear Waste Processing System For Power Station
Georgia Power Committed To Sulfur Emissions Reduction
IEEE StandardsWire™ Launched
Featured Products
FOx FTIR Fuel Analyzer
The Portable FOx FTIR fuel analyzer from MIDAC is an accurate and comprehensive fuel analyzer that is ideal for analysis of commercial and military gasoline, diesel, jet fuels, and kerosene...

Liqui-Cel® Membrane Contactors
The New Standard For Dissolved Gas Control. Membrana-Charlotte is known worldwide as the leader in membrane contactor manufacturing and development. Our products have proven themselves in the field for more than 10 years. Downloadable product brochure and technical comparison are available...

CTI Shield/Seals
The CTI Shield/Seal is a thin-walled metallic tube insert made of highly durable alloys. The Shields are expanded – either mechanically, hydraulically or a hybrid of the two – into existing damaged tube ends, adding years of service to the equipment...

Hi-Temperature Shut-Off Module
The Hi-Temp Shut-Off Module from Waters Equipment Co. protects steam analysis instrumentation from damage caused by high-temperature samples in the power plant...

Carbon Adsorber
Industrial activated carbon adsorbers eliminate volatile organic compounds and odors from industrial, municipal and commercial process exhaust streams. Activated carbon attracts and holds organic molecules, resulting in high efficiency removal and elimination of toxic or noxious discharge to the atmosphere...

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Featured Book
Power Generation Handbook
By Philip Klameh

Written by hands-on industry expert, Power Generation Handbook provides the reader with a full understanding of all the components, calculations, and subsystems of the various types of gas turbines, steam power, co-generation, and combined cycle plants. The author also thoroughly examines other essential topics such as emission limits, monitoring, governing systems, as well as the economics of power generation...

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