Report Builder

Source: Real Time eXecutives - RTX, Inc.
Report Builder for RTXHDB is a Microsoft Windows program
Report Builder for RTXHDB is a Microsoft Windows program. It is a powerful but easy-to-use package for building Lotus 1-2-3 or MS Excel reports. Report Builder for RTXHDB will read a user defined template (*.WK1) report, collect data from the RTXHDB historical database for the requested time, and then build a completed (*.WK1) report. The template contains "Data Request Cells" which specify Tag names or "Expressions". When using a "Data Request Cell" for the finished spreadsheet, it stores results rather than the expression. (See RTXHDB Applications - Expressions and Functions)

Also available, as a companion product to the Report Builder for RTXHDB, is the Variables Add-In for RTXHDB.


  • Simplifies the process of creating new reports by using templates
  • "Data Request Cells" allow data reduction before creating finished reports, producing very compact and efficient reports
  • Templates can contain other standard Excel or Lotus 1-2-3 operations (e.g. Macros, Text, Formulas)
  • Configuration of required reports can be accomplished on a Personal Computer
  • Report builds can occur at a scheduled time, on demand, or on an event driven basis

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