R-Side® Solution - Flooded Chiller

Source: Hudson Technologies Company
Hudson's RefrigerantSide® Solution provides both complete system dehydration as well as complete system decontamination.
When a chiller or refrigeration system suddenly experiences a ruptured evaporator tube or leaking end sheet, the ultimate effect may be calamitous. As water enters the refrigerant side of the system, it readily absorbs into the refrigerant until the saturation point is exceeded. A floating water condition (flooded chiller) is suddenly presented. In addition to the serious consequences that arise from the presence of moisture in the system, the existence of a flooded condition may result in the restriction of refrigerant flow in system devices including orifices and distributor baffles and ultimately, system failure.

The traditional approach to this condition generally entailed significant system downtime and focused solely on removal of the standing water and moisture reduction. Other consequential conditions that may have developed such as acid formation, particulates, oil and other contaminants were rarely considered or addressed.

Hudson's RefrigerantSide® Solution provides both complete system dehydration as well as complete system decontamination. In basic terms, this process entails the recovery of the refrigerant charge and floating water and the use of refrigerant and other mediums to rapidly decontaminant and dehydrate both the refrigerant and complete chiller system through a series of varying sequences.

The benefits achieved include:

  • Removal of all water and other contaminants from the refrigerant and system including acids, particulates and oil typically left by conventional dehydration techniques
  • Minimization of expensive water damage to compressors and motors
  • Minimization of downtime - the system and refrigerant are entirely decontaminated and dried in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional dehydration methods
  • Salvaging the maximum amount of refrigerant
Our customer demands have lead to the development of three viable solutions when faced with a flooded chiller. They include online decontamination, when being down is not an option; offline decontamination, when downtime is less important to the customer; and a hybrid of the two, when a customized solution is necessary to meet specific requirements. Hudson regularly develops customized solutions to accommodate the customer's specific needs. For instance, when a mission critical cooling system could not be shutdown to allow the mechanical contractor to complete the necessary repairs, online decontamination and dehydration was initiated on a continuous basis until the system could be fully shut down. For many equipment owners, being down may not be an option. Hudson's patented process can keep them up and running until a more optimal shut down time is available.

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