PTZ Inspection System

Source: Everest VIT, Inc.
PTZ Inspection System
The CaZoom PTZ-IV provides high resolution video images of large enclosures where man-less entry is desired
Everest VIT, Inc.Zoom PTZ-IV provides high resolution video images of tanks, vessels, nuclear fuel pools, large diameter piping, railroad cars, and other large enclosures where man-less entry is desired. The high resolution video enables plants to share inspection results via e-mail, as well as archive images for future comparison. Common applications include inspecting for corrosion, cleanliness, weld integrity, loose parts and problem solving. It is a lightweight system that is enclosed within a clear-anodized aluminum construction. It consists of a CCD camera with dual, spot and flood lights that can be illuminated to 90 watts; a remote dockable pendant; and a two in. LCD monitor mounted to the pendant.

The motorized camera head can be panned with a variable speed joystick 175 degrees to the right or left and tilted 234 degrees total up or down which will provide a complete view of the interior of the vessel. This variable speed joystick along with 24:1 zoom lens allows inspectors to magnify and follow welds up to 20 ft. away. The zoom, focus, iris adjustment and illumination can also be adjusted automatically or manually with the pendant.

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