ProPanel MP2500

Source: Azonix Corporation
ProPanel MP2500
The ProPanel MP2500 was introduced in 1997 as the world's first fully sealed
The ProPanel MP2500 was introduced in 1997 as the world's first fully sealed, low-power, high-MTBF PC-based operator interface / display for on-board use in transportation applications such as marine, aviation, railroad, etc.

The MP2500 form factor has also lent itself to rugged environment applications anywhere that a PC-based interface or display is required that will be subjected to stresses that exceed the limits tolerated by typical industrial computers and displays. The highly-compact MP2500 works well in operator cabins, drilling control stations-- places that typical industrial PCs are destroyed by shock and vibration, or rendered innacurate by EMI/RFI, or made inoperable because of airborne dust, water, etc.

  • Industry standard CPUs and bus architecture support quick throughput and reconfiguration
  • Wide range of board and device options, from Azonix & proven third-party vendors
  • Network-ready for Ethernet -- twisted pair, coax or fiber optic so you can "plug and play" within a variety of standard LAN and WAN cabling options
  • Sealed, metal construction and impact-resistant case
  • NEMA 4/12 and IP65 rated for superior resistance to dust, dirt and liquids
  • TFT, flat panel, active-matrix display with sunlight viewing; 10" and 12" LCD and touchscreen options
  • Rugged shock mounting resists vibration and shock while minimizing downtime and maintenance
  • Fixed back plane with up to 2 slots for user cards
  • Easy maintenance -- Mean time to repair (MTTR) for in-place board/device swaps is under 20 minutes
  • Exceptional EMI/RFI resistance
  • Compact form factor saves valuable space
  • Windows®, Windows® NT -compatible, numerous Application Program Interfaces (APIs) and software options

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