PROflex™ Reverse Osmosis Systems

Source: SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions

SUEZ has delivered over 1000 PRO Series Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems since its launch over a decade ago. The PRO has always been known as a rugged, industrial RO, capable of delivering consistent product water over years of operation. The PROflex line originated in feedback from our many customers on how to make the PRO even better.

The new PROflex is our most flexible and price competitive RO system yet. It is configurable using our new online Product Configurator. It allows you to select exactly the flow rate your application requires from a range of PROflex ROs that fit the application. Additionally, the most frequently requested modifications over the past years are all available now as pre-priced options. We have minimized the overall footprint to take up less space in your facility, and we have moved key components to the front of the RO to make them more accessible.

PROflex offers the flexibility to choose a system that will allow you to choose an aggressive or conservative design to meet the capital requirements of your specific situation. PROflex allows complete choice on arrays, number of elements, and pump sizes within each array. The figure below shows the PROflex product line and the flow ranges for each array.