Primary Current Injection Test System ODEN AT

Source: Programma Electric Inc.
Primary Current Injection Test System ODEN AT
ODEN AT - a further development of Programma's portable and dependable ODEN Current Supply Unit - incorporates many new and sophisticated features
ODEN AT - a further development of Programma's portable and dependable ODEN Current Supply Unit - incorporates many new and sophisticated features.
ODEN AT is an extraordinarily versatile portable test set that can generate currents ranging from a few hundred to about 21,000 A.

The modular and carriage-mounted ODEN AT is easy to move about - each module is light enough to be lifted by one person.

The ODEN AT system consists of a control unit used together with one, two or three current units. There are three different versions of the current unit: a) standard current unit S provides high current, b) extra-winding current unit X has an outlet for high current and an outlet for high voltage and c) high-current unit H provides extra high current. Assembly and connection is easy and takes less than a minute.

EASY TO USE - to combine outstanding versatility with user-friendliness, ODEN AT's designers gave the front panel and user interface top priority. The clearly marked control panel is divided into sections. There are a number of pre-defined settings for frequently encountered applications. ODEN AT is easy to use. You can repeat any test by pressing a single button.

VERSATILE INJECTION CONTROL - injection times are controlled by the built-in timer, and you can also stop injection using an external voltage or an external contact. Momentary injections can be provided easily by pressing a button, and ODEN AT can be used to generate pulse trains for which both pulse and pause times are user-selectable. A hold function that freezes the display and momentary injection enable setting the current without needless heating. Moreover, you can make settings using only 1/30 of the output current.

WIDE RANGE OF ENTITIES - current and time are presented in the digital display. A second measurement channel can be used to test an additional current or voltage. Current transformer turns ratio, impedance, resistance, power, power factor (cos phi) and phase angle are calculated and shown in the display. Current and voltage can be presented as percentages of nominal value. The fast-acting hold function freezes short-duration readings on the digital display when the voltage or contact signal arrives at the stop input, the object under test interrupts the current or injection is stopped.

APPLICATIONS - although ODEN AT was created primarily for switchgear testing it can be used for many different applications, e.g. primary current injection and breaker testing, testing current transformers, polarity testing, resistance and impedance testing, automatic reclosers and sectionalizers, testing grounded systems and safety-ground devices and heat runs.

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