Preventol Corrosion Inhibitors

Source: Bayer Corporation
Preventol CI products create a barrier against many corrosive agents
Preventol CI products create a barrier against many corrosive agents, such as hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, salt solutions, phosphates, dilute acids and alkalis, silicates, citrates, nitrilotriacetic acid, petroleum derivatives, moisture and general atmospheric conditions.

They produce a tough corrosion-resistant film on copper and copper-alloy surfaces which resists water and many degreasants. It does not affect the appearance of the surface to which it is applied, and leaves no greasy film. Preventol CI products also enhance the electrical properties of metal surfaces.

The Material Protection Business Unit at Bayer Corporation specializes in providing state of the art preservatives, fungicides, corrosion inhibitors and beverage sterilants for use in several different industries. Preventol is the trade name given to a range of high performance chemicals capable of meeting the demands of today's industry taking into account our increased awareness of the need for environmental protection. Preventol products combine superior performance and economy with low toxicity and good biodegradability!

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