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Premier Energies And ARKA Energy Collaborate To Launch The Revolutionary 90W PowerTile

San Francisco, CA /PRNewswire/ - Arka Energy, a leading global provider of lifestyle solar solutions and a prominent player in solar technology, is thrilled to announce the launch of its revolutionary 90W glass-on-glass PowerTile to be manufactured by Premier Energies Limited. The ARKA and Premier Energies partnership is set to reshape the renewable energy landscape as the two innovative companies combine their expertise to manufacture high-efficiency solar modules. The 90W PowerTile is poised to revolutionize the solar industry, offering a reliable, durable, sleek, and powerful solar tile that redefines efficiency and aesthetics.

Solar installers in the United States and beyond can look forward to faster installations and optimized system performance with ARKA's solutions like the PowerGazebo. Partnering with Premier Energies Limited strengthens ARKA's manufacturing capacity and guarantees a reliable supply of high-quality solar products, reassuring installers of 25-year warranty product. The collaboration also signifies a major step in enhancing the supply chain resiliency and lower risk with a tariff exempt solar modules made by Premier Energies at their new world class manufacturing facilities in India.

Premier Energies Limited, a solar pioneer for 28 years, is India's 2nd largest integrated cell and module manufacturer with a module capacity of 3GW and cell capacity of 2GW and offers reliable high-efficiency PV solutions for markets worldwide. Arka Energy complements Premier Energies' manufacturing expertise with cutting-edge solar tile technology and innovative integrated solutions. With Premier Energies at the helm of manufacturing operations, the partnership reinforces ARKA's commitment to delivering dependable reliable, aesthetic, and top-quality solar solutions to support the thriving community of U.S. solar installers.

The primary goals of this partnership are twofold: Empowering the production of high-efficiency solar products, exemplified by the 90W PowerTile, using 182mm size mono-PERC cells made by Premier Energies, while providing a compelling option for global solar panel offerings. Second, ensuring a high-quality product to be manufactured in scale to support rapid market adoption of ARKA's integrated solutions. Both companies unite in their mission to deliver sustainable, top-tier solar solutions, strategically addressing the escalating demand for energy independence and environmental stewardship. Premier Energies assumes responsibility for manufacturing operations, while Arka Energy leverages its technological expertise and creative products. The 90W PowerTile, a flagship creation arising from this partnership, underscores the vast potential of this strategic alliance.

With a power output of 90Wp, the second generation PowerTile combine sleek aesthetics with exceptional performance and high reliability with a tough glass-on-glass construction. Its innovative design optimizes power density, making it the optimal choice for installations where space is at a premium.

The 90W PowerTile caters to a diverse market segment, including, residential homeowners, hotels/motel, resorts, golf clubs, restaurants, franchise outlets and multi-family dwellings.

Solar installers will appreciate the versatility of this tile featuring in the high-capacity solar PowerGazebo system, requiring less installation space and being adaptable for various applications. Notably, this partnership between Arka Energy and Premier Energies signifies a pivotal shift in the solar manufacturing landscape, aligning with the priorities of solar installers for diversified and reliable sources, fostering energy independence and sustainable practices.

In a joint statement, both companies express their enthusiasm for this strategic partnership: "We are thrilled to embark on this journey together, combining Premier Energies' manufacturing excellence with Arka Energy's innovation. Together, we will drive the future of sustainable energy solutions."

Chiranjeev Saluja, Managing Director, Premier Energies Limited, stated, "This partnership with Arka Energy is a testament to our commitment to providing high-quality solar solutions. With our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities combined with ARKA's innovative technology, we aim to revolutionize the solar industry in the United States."

"We are excited to join forces with Premier Energies and launch the 90W PowerTile. This partnership reflects our dedication to delivering top-tier solar solutions while advancing our manufacturing operations.", said Rajesh Manapat, Chief Operating Officer, Arka Energy.

With the launch of the 90W PowerTile and its strategic partnership with Premier Energies, Arka Energy is leading the way towards a brighter and more sustainable future in the solar industry. This alliance sets new standards for harnessing synergies of high-quality manufacturing and innovative solar solutions in the United States.

About Premier Energies Limited
Premier Energies Limited, established in 1995, has evolved into a solar industry leader. With a 3 GW solar module manufacturing line, 2 GW solar cell capacity, 3 GW solar modules sold worldwide, and operations spanning 30+ countries, they are pioneers in renewable energy. Additionally, Premier Energies has made significant contributions to rural electrification, installing over 35,000 solar pumps and electrifying 300+ villages while maintaining a strong talent pool of 3,000+ employees.(

About Arka Energy
Arka Energy is a leading San Francisco-based climate technology company specializing in lifestyle solar solutions. ARKA's flagship products, the PowerGazebo and PowerPatio, offer state-of-the-art outdoor living experiences, combining solar efficiency with attractive aesthetics. The PowerGazebo & PowerPatio provides alternative solutions to rooftop solar installations, maximizing PV generation and increasing home values. These products provide extended outdoor living space, value energy savings, and alongside Investment Tax Credit (ITC) incentives. (

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