Power Plants

Source: Hawthorne Power Systems

Committed to excellence in the cogeneration and prime power plant industry, we can satisfy any capability you may require, from 85kW to more than 20MW.
Energy solutions. No matter where in the world your next project materializes, you will need a reliable, cost effective electrical energy source. Hawthorne Power Systems is the solution to your needs.

Hawthorne Power Systems has its roots in cogeneration. Over the past 20 years, Hawthorne Power Systems has become synonymous with expertise in the cogeneration field.

Hawthorne Power Systems can also arrange operation, maintenance and service of equipment by an authorized Caterpillar dealer, as well as provide service for your auxiliary equipment.

Success in the cogeneration and power plant industry is based on a blend of several different ingredients:

  • Minimum Overhead
  • Up-to-the-minute Communications
  • Modern Computer Equipment
  • Specialized Employees/Consultants
  • Proven Expertise in:
      - business economics
      - cogeneration financing
      - engineering
      - construction
      - plant operation
      - maintenance
We have it all!

Hawthorne Power Systems, 8050 Othello Avenue, San Diego, CA 92111. Tel: 858-974-6800; Fax: 858-974-6819.