Newsletter | January 29, 2009

Power Online Newsletter: Paving The Path For Ethanol-Powered Fuel Cells
Featured Article
Case Study: HPD Provides Turnkey Wastewater Treatment Solution To Power Station
By HPD, a Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Company
Arizona Public Service's Redhawk Power Station is comprised of two 2x1 combined cycle natural gas-fired units to produce a total of 1060 MW of electrical power. Critical to the planning and permitting of this facility was the source and utilization of water and the environmental impact of the station with respect to liquid emissions. HPD was the sole point of responsibility in providing a design-build solution for the complete wastewater portion of the plant...

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Smart Wireless Network Enables UK Power Generator To Monitor Treated Water Usage
Government Officials And Renewable Energy Experts Support Solutions Through REEM09
UPA Announces Global Technology Conference 'Plug Into Profit 2009'
Emerson Presents Process, Combustion, And Environmental Solutions In New Rosemount Analytical Brochure
Control Microsystems Announces Product Line Expansion Of SCADARange Wireless Process Instruments
AMSC To Host 'Power Delivery Solutions For The Smart Grid' Exhibit At DistribuTECH
GLV Inc. To Market Technologies For Production Of Renewable Energy From Biogas
Emerson Wins Contract For Automation Of Basin Electric Power Cooperative's New Dry Fork Station
Featured Products
Boiler Water Conductivity Sensor
Mettler-Toledo Thornton announces a new on-line Conductivity Sensor for industrial boilers that can measure directly in the blowdown line without sample cooling — saving on installation and operating costs. It enables continuous automatic blowdown control, which minimizes corrosion and scaling to a greater extent than with manual measurement and control.
Download the product datasheet for complete specifications.

Custom Engineered Water Treatment Products
Aquatech's wide range of processes makes us one of the only companies in the world that can take single point responsibility on an industrial water treatment project.
Request additional information from Aquatech International Corporation.

IEEE StandardsWire Online
Subscribe to this free monthly email update designed to provide you with the latest information on IEEE standards, related products, and services and newly approved projects.
Request additional information from IEEE.

Direct Replacement Oxymitter Flue Gas Oxygen Probe
Emerson's Direct Replacement Oxymitter Replacement Flue Gas Oxygen Probe offers an easy and cost-effective way to replace previously installed probes without compromising the ability to upgrade to the latest technology at a later time.
Download the product datasheet for complete specifications.

50-Hz Gas Generators
Features of the 6520-kWe, 750-rpm, 50-Hz GCM34 include spark ignition, lean burn combustion, and prechamber design. The unit features the proven Cat electronic control system, precise fuel delivery, and long stroke design.
Download the product datasheet for complete specifications.

RecoPur EOR Produced Water Treatment System
Reduce capital and operating costs through consistent performance of produced water recovery and purification. The economical RecoPur EOR Produced Water Treatment System, designed for the heavy oil and oil sands industries, operates with no chemicals and little or no waste.
Download the product datasheet for complete specifications.

Navigator 600 Silica Analyzer
The Navigator 600 silica analyzer substantially reduces the amount of reagents and maintenance generally associated with silica analysis, while providing accurate and reliable silica monitoring.
Request additional information from ABB.

Turnkey Resin Services
Siemens Water Technologies provides full turnkey services to coordinate the removal and reinstallation of your ion exchange resin. With complete responsibility in Siemens' hands, you can be assured that your project will be completed on time, within budget, and in complete compliance.
Download the product brochure for complete information.

SCADAPackER Programmable Automation Controller
The SCADAPackER is the first rack-mount system in the SCADAPack family of controllers. Offering flexible solutions in applications requiring high-speed control and monitoring, the SCADAPackER satisfies a wide range of I/O requirements.
Download the product datasheet for complete specifications.

Hydroactive Polyurethane Grout No. F-370
Grout No. F-370 is used to stop leakage through cracked or honeycombed concrete, voids, expansion joints, and pipe intrusions.
Download the product datasheet for complete specifications.

In-Situ NOx/O2 Monitor: INM-700
The INM-700 in-situ gas analyzer is designed to meet the requirements of coal-fired power generation plants for cost-effective, low-maintenance NOx monitoring.
Download the product brochure for complete information.

HCl, SO2, And SO3 Removal
SOLVAir Select 200 trona offers a high-assay, low-cost alternative to acid neutralization. When Select 200 trona is used as a dry sorbent injected into an exhaust duct, the Select 200 trona readily reacts with acid gases to form a safe, non-corrosive waste product that will not damage equipment.
Request additional information from SOLVAir Products.

Featured Downloads
Brochure: DensaDeg 4D For CSO/SSO
The compact DensaDeg 4D Stormwater Unit combines four fundamental stormwater clarification functions in a single compact unit: grit removal, grease and oil removal, integrated coagulation and flocculation followed by plate settling, and sludge densification and thickening...

Datasheet: Model 445 Opacity Monitor
The Thermo Scientific Model 445 is an opacity and dust concentration monitor based on the auto-collimation principle to meet the highest standards. The monitor completely fulfills all standards for measuring opacity and dust, including EPA PS1, ASTM 6216-98 requirements...
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