POWER-GEN 2000: Fogging Systems

Source: Munters Corporation - ME Division
TURBOfog is a fogging system for turbine inlet cooling.
TURBOfog is a fogging system for turbine inlet cooling. Developed to increase output levels and improve thermal efficiency of gas turbines, the system helps users achieve optimal gas turbine energy production, especially during peak power demand. TURBOfog lowers the temperature of the inlet air naturally, providing the turbine with denser, cool air, giving a higher mass flow rate and pressure ratio. This translates into increases in power output when they are needed most. An additional benefit of the system is that it reduces nitrogen oxide emissions in the turbine exhaust.

The systems utilize a series of pumps and nozzles to atomize water into small droplets and distribute them in the inlet air stream where they rapidly evaporate, cooling the air. The fine droplet size coupled with effective distribution allows cooling to within a fraction of a degree of the wet bulb, the maximum possible.

The systems can be mounted directly onto existing inlet houses without having to expand them, thus reducing equipment and installation costs. The all welded stainless steel construction systems are ISO 9001 Quality Certified and backed by Munters' quality design, manufacturing and installation and start-up services.

Munters Corporation will be displaying this and other products at Power-Gen 2000. They are located in booth #3174.

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