Portable Pressure Calibrator

Portable Pressure Calibrator
The portable pressure calibrator series incorporates a high/low feature for pressure readings
N/Ae pressure calibrator series incorporates a high/low feature to capture both the highest and lowest pressure readings. The system is designed to be a traceable transfer pressure standard to transducers, gages, meters, or transmitters in the field. The rugged, drop resistant units are available with seventeen ranges from 0-1 to 0-10,000 psi F.S., gage, absolute, vacuum, or compound reference, high over pressure protection, and are NIST traceable.

Two models are available: the Model JK has an accuracy of 0.2%, and the Model AK features a 0.05% accuracy. Both calibrators feature an enhanced resolution, 4.5 digit display engineered to eliminate parallax and interpolation errors to insure accurate readings. These units are constructed of stainless steel wetted parts and have EMI and RFI shielding that allows them to be used in a range of industrial applications in either factory or field conditions. The rugged,. The Model AK offers field-selectable engineering units of measure. A standard industrial or all-weather, waterproof carrying case is available for either model.

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