PI System

Source: AVEVA

The PI System unlocks operational insights and new possibilities. It enables digital transformation through trusted, high-quality operations data. Collect, enhance, and deliver data in real time in any location. Empower engineers and operators. Accelerate the work of analysts and data scientists. Support new business opportunities.

How the PI System works:

  • Collect

Collect real-time data from hundreds of assets—including legacy, proprietary, remote, mobile, and IIoT devices. The PI System connects you to your data, no matter the location or format.

  • Store

Store decades worth of data with sub-second resolution. Get immediate access to high-fidelity historical, real-time, and predictive data to keep critical operations running and business insights coming.

  • Contextualize

Make data more meaningful by adding intuitive labels and metadata. Define data hierarchies that reflect your operating and reporting environments. With context, you don’t just see a data point, you see the big picture.

  • Visualize and act

Easily create your own custom reports and views, so you can monitor processes and troubleshoot on the spot. Quickly drill down from high-level summaries to see issues in an individual asset. Compare downtime events and batch datasets to identify patterns and replicate best practices.

  • Integrate, share, and empower

Deliver trustworthy, analysis-ready operations data to analytics tools and machine-learning algorithms to derive new insights. Easily send data to the cloud with just a few clicks to start collaborating with analysts, data scientists, and even partners and service providers outside your organization. Operational agility, made easy.