PI-Profile Displays (Client)

Source: OSI Software, Inc.
Effectively Representing Your Two Dimensional Data
OSI Software, Inc. Representing Your Two Dimensional Data
PI-Profile is a PC based PI client application used to display and analyze arrays of data including cross direction, multi-cross direction, and surface view of arrays of PI tags. PI-Profiles is a separate application from PI-ProcessBook that runs on Windows 95 or Windows NT.

Some examples of processes and data that can utilize PI-Profile:

  • Paper Machine Scanners
  • Rolling Mills
  • Film Manufacturing
  • Boiler or Reactor Temperatures
  • Web Products (textiles, foam, etc.)
  • Deviation from Set Point of the Advanced Control Loops on a unit operation

    Data Presentation is Configurable:

  • For reel oriented data, the user can pick selected reels to view from a list of reels
  • For continuous data like boiler temperature profiles an end time and number of scans can be used to show a desired time period

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