PDS Modular Substation

Source: Waukesha Electric Systems
Proven performance in over 200 installations
Proven performance in over 200 installations

Consider these powerful reasons to buy a substation
from Waukesha Electric Systems

System Tailoring:
We listen to your needs.
5 - Year Warranty:
Best in the industry.

Factory Pre-Assembled and Tested:
It all arrives together, fits together and works together, installs quickly, energization 1 to 2 weeks after arrival at job site.

Limited Space:
PDS Modular Substation is self contained, requiring a fraction of the space of a conventional installation.

Ease of Relocation:
It's as easy to relocate as it is to install, giving you the flexibility to adapt to changing load locations.

Compact, low-profile design with flexible design options to blend in with the general surroundings.

Fast Delivery:
A modular designed PDS can save months of waiting time for installation; single shipment reduces installation costs.

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