PDI (Power Disturbance Indicator)

Source: Uninterruptible Power Products, Inc.
The PDI uses a very simple display to indicate power disturbances on any 3-Phase electrical line. Sags, spikes, and phase loss for shown in real time for each phase, plus actual voltage levels.

The PDI uses a very simple display to indicate power problems. The indication is instantaneous, precise, and direct. It does not require interpretation and has no complex charts. The PDI doses not require any programming, setup, computer interface, or skilled operator. It monitors one, two, or three phases of 60Hz. AC power. Turn it on, push a button and the LED displays will indicate these power measurements and problems immediately and clearly.

  • Precise voltage for each monitored phase
  • Any sags or loss of voltage on each phase
  • Any transient spikes or excessive surges on each phase
  • The number of consecutive ½ cycles loss (loss is defined as a voltage sag below 50% of nominal)
  • The measurements are performed with sophisticated, state of the art circuitry, yet the display is simple and clear.

The PDI is an affordable device the can be easily installed on your equipment to detect power related problems.