PC-Based Control System

Source: AlterSys Inc.
Version 1.0 of Virgo 2000 is an extension of the
Version 1.0 of Virgo 2000 is an extension of the manufacturer's Automation Software Suite. The software, for CE control runtime, will enable developers to build deterministic embedded systems taking advantage of the broad array of Win32 development tools already in use to develop NT-based systems. In addition to the Win32 API, the software will also enable developers to capitalize on Windows CE 3.0 components that are at the core of Microsoft DNA such as COM and DCOM, as well as those written for CE that will offer high portability to NT systems.

The system is designed to meet the requirements of both OEM's and end-users, saving time and money during the development process as well as offering tight integration across applications. Users will benefit from the Virgo (Virtual Global Object) concept that enables up to 16 soft-controllers with different control scan cycles to run on the same controller. The software also features the Virgo 2000 Workbench that has full IEC 61131 programming tools plus flowchart for developing applications on either QNX or CE 3.0 targets, all from the same development toolkit. It also has a real-time database and ODBC connectivity at the runtime level that facilitates ‘data visibility' to upper enterprise systems such as MES, MRP or ERP.

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