Newsletter | May 13, 2021

05.13.21 -- ORP, Like pH, A Valuable Measure Of Where A Reaction Stands

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How The PI System Helped EDF Renewables Shed Light On Lost Revenue

It’s late on a Friday night in San Diego, and Max, a controller you might imagine working in the operations control center (OCC) for EDF Renewables, has his eyes full of lights. He scans multiple control screens displaying the status of all the company’s wind turbines scattered across North America. A glance at one screen reveals that a few turbines at a site in Canada are down.

DryTec FG500 Feeder

This cost-competitive feeder is ideal for food contact water treatment. It can hold up to 95 lbs av. Cl. and treats at a rate of 35 lbs an hour. Since the feeder works with DryTec® Food-Grade Briquettes, it is ideally suited for water treatment in fruit and vegetable and irrigation lines. The FG500 is a capital-friendly solution that requires no electricity and minimal maintenance.

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