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12.12.19 -- ORP: A Valuable Measure Of Where A Reaction Stands

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ORP, Like pH, A Valuable Measure Of Where A Reaction Stands
By ABB Measurement & Analytics
To many potential users of its measurement, ORP is an intimidating term. In the first place it has an obscure full name, "Oxidation-Reduction Potential," and an equally obscure alias, "Redox." Additionally, warnings about ORP measurement as being nonspecific and subject to variability with any slight change in chemical constituents add to the level of intimidation. Despite this, ORP measurement has hundreds of successful applications. Typically, ORP sales are five percent of pH sales. More than 20,000 ORP control loops are purchased each year.
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AMI INSPECTOR Oxygen Datasheet

Portable inspection equipment for quality assurance of trace oxygen monitors: This complete portable system mounted on a small, aluminum panel features a Swansensor Oxytrace G with three electrode setup (cathode, anode, and guard) and integrated NT5k temperature sensor.

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ABB’s 266HSH Modbus Pressure/Temperature Transmitter

This intelligent 266 Modbus transmitter provides the user with precise measurements of gauge pressure and optional process temperature (the latter by means of an externally connected Pt100 resistance temperature detector), in a single device. Information is available to any host device that can communicate using Modbus protocol.

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