Original Equipment Manufacturer of Parts

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies

Evoqua is your source for OEM replacement parts for Rex, Link-Belt and other manufacturer's legacy intake equipment. Our factory-trained service personnel are available worldwide to assist with emergencies or scheduled maintenance.

  • Your source for over 100 years of OEM parts
  • Major wear components in stock
  • Dedicated Intake account representatives supported by expert engineers

Our parts and services are sought after by facilities managers, maintenance personnel, specifiers and others. These decision makers are located mainly in the power industry, whether it's a nuclear power plant or a coal-fired power plant. These power plants are located throughout the world, from the United States and Asia, to South America and beyond.

These power plants utilize water intake systems and the traveling water screens that clear the water of debris prior to entering the facility. The power industry depends on clean, raw water and Evoqua's screens and other parts are essential to a well-run facility.

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