Optimization Software

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Optimization Software
The new version of ExperTune optimizes processes with
The new version of ExperTune optimizes processes with shrink-swell characteristics. These shrink-swell processes are also called inverse response since, when the controller output changes, the level initially moves in the opposite direction to where it will end up. The software is designed to make these particularly challenging processes easy to model, tune and optimize. Using data collected from one setpoint change, it finds the optimal PID tuning parameters and model for the loop. The model consists of a lead-time, lag time, integration and dead time.

The tools for analysis and optimization include powerful simulation, modeling, robustness, frequency and valve wear analysis graphs of plant loops, simply by clicking "Analysis". The simulation shows the performance improvements of the loop during setpoint changes and load disturbances. The robustness plot shows how sensitive the loop is to gain and dead time changes. Combining these simulation plots allows users to see the best tradeoff between tuning and stability before download tuning.

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