Optical Flow Sensor

Source: Optical Scientific Inc.
The OFS-2000 is an optical flow sensor for environmental
The OFS-2000 is an optical flow sensor for environmental monitoring and process control. It consists of a control box teamed with an optical transmitter and optical receiver which is easily installed on opposite sides of a smokestack, duct, vent or other confined space. The sensor is mounted outside the chamber behind optical windows for easy access, more accurate measurements, and greater durability. And unlike ultrasonic devices which must be installed at a specific angle and on different levels, it is mounted on the same level, in order to transmit the LED beam directly across and perpendicular to the flow.

This method provides accurate path-averaged flow measurements, independent of media pressure and temperature. Using fast and efficient DSP (digital signal processing) the control box processes the data, and then transmits it to a PC, PLC, CEM or other data collection device that accepts digital input. The sensor uses self-testing and diagnostics to monitor its own performance to alert you to any maintenance issues.

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