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Ontex Activates Large Solar Power Installation In Italy

  • On-site solar power helps Ontex to achieve carbon neutral operations by 2030 and reduce grid energy dependency.
  • The Ontex factory in Ortona now houses one of Italy’s largest systems for on-site solar power generation and consumption, producing a large part of the hygiene product plant’s electricity.
  • The new solar installation, developed, financed and operated by Menapy Italia, will produce more than 10 Gigawatthours of green power per year, equivalent to the average consumption of around 3,400 households and saving an estimated 3,700 metric tons of CO2.

Ortona (BUSINESS WIRE) - Ontex has activated a large solar installation at the site of its factory in Ortona, Abruzzo region, Italy. The new solar installation will produce more than 10 GWh of electricity per year, equivalent to the yearly consumption of around 3,400 households.

The company is opening solar power installations in Europe and the Americas to produce more energy on-site and achieve carbon-neutral operations by 2030. Ontex’s factories in Italy and eight other European countries run on 100% electricity from renewable sources. The Ontex Group’s total is 91% electricity from renewable sources.

In times of energy constraints, Ontex plans to become carbon neutral and less dependent on energy from the grid through on-site renewable energy generation, energy conservation, purchase of energy from renewable sources, and carbon offsets for the remaining carbon emissions.

Annick De Poorter, Ontex’s Executive Vice President for R&D and Sustainability, said: “We can now produce around a quarter of the electricity we need to manufacture essential hygiene goods at our factory in Italy. This is another step towards our goal to have carbon neutral operations by 2030.”

The solar system was developed and financed by the company Menapy Italia srl, who also installed Ontex’s solar power in Eeklo, Belgium and Segovia, Spain.

Federico Dotto, Country Manager, Menapy Italia srl, said: “We should shift our power supplies from oil, coal, and natural gas to wind, solar, and other renewable energy sources, which are a clear winner when it comes to boosting the economy. Companies across Europe are working hard to reduce their energy needs and improve their impact on the environment. As Menapy, we are proud to support Ontex in achieving their ambitious sustainability goals, which are also a sound business decision.”

Construction took nine months and included the clearance and conservation of war devices and memories from the area.

Since 2017, all of Ontex’s European factories run on electricity from renewable sources, combining own solar generation with the purchase of renewable electricity via Energy Attribute Certificates (EAC’s). More rooftop solar capacity is being installed at Ontex plants in Eeklo, Belgium, Puebla, Mexico and Segovia, Spain.

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