On-Site Hydrogen Generation System Produces 4200 SCFH

Source: Hydrogen Burner Technology
On-Site Hydrogen Generation System Produces 4200 SCFH
Hydrogen Burner Technology, Inc. (HBT) has introduced a new skid-mounted system designed for on-site hydrogen generation
Hydrogen Burner Technology, Inc. (HBT) has introduced a new skid-mounted system designed for on-site hydrogen generation. The unit operates on the patented Under-Oxidized Burner (tm) process, which converts hydrocarbon fuel into hydrogen using high temperature combustion in an oxygen-lean environment. The process represents a technical breakthrough in both cost and simplicity.

The skid-mounted unit, which uses natural gas or almost any hydrocarbon as a fuel, is shipped by truck or container and installs easily on just a gravel pad work site. In operation, the unit is simple and virtually emission free. All components are covered by a 12-month limited warranty.

The unit is especially suited for remote locations outside the areas covered by bulk hydrogen distribution and as an economical point-of-use hydrogen source for emerging markets. It also can provide bulk capacity without the cost and construction of tanks and distribution systems or can generate hydrogen on demand for small distributors of cylinder gas.

The process has cost advantages over both electrolysis systems and steam reformer methods in the capacity ranges offered. With a 4200 SCFH capacity, the unit produces hydrogen at a purity exceeding 99.95% and with a slight trade-off in capacity, the purity can reach to 99.999%.

The 4200 will operate automatically, while unattended. The system can be remotely accessed via a modem and a simple PC software interface.

Benefits of the 4200 NG-A system:

1. Enables moderate consumers to generate the required hydrogen on-site at a lower cost than any other method of on-site generation in this capacity range
2. Offers round-the-clock production for applications that operate and require a constant supply of hydrogen
3. Eliminates frequent and unreliable delivery of bulk gas
4. Offers an alternative to delivery and storage of liquid hydrogen
5. Extends the geographic distribution of hydrogen for industrial gas distributors
6. Offers hydrogen to moderate capacity users where liquid hydrogen is not available
7. Provides the capability to be integrated with hydrogen compression and storage equipment for hydrogen fueling stations, tube trailer filling and/or cylinder filling

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