Oil Leak Sealing

Source: The Dynamic Group, Ltd.
We offer Oil Leak Sealing (over 4,000+ completed, live as well as "Off-Line" available

The following are services that we offer:

  • Oil Leak Sealing (over 4,000+ completed)
  • Live as well as "Off-Line" available
  • Operating pressures up and including 240 psi.
  • SF6 Gas Sealing (Well over 300 completed)
  • Off-Line for conventional equipment, porce lain to metal interfaces our specialty.
  • SF6 Sealing on GIS (CGIT) Bus
  • Live as well as "Off-Line" available
  • Operating pressures up and including 170 psi.
  • Specialty Coating Systems for leaks, reflectivity, equipment emission for IPB & CGIT Bus.
  • Bushing Repair in field, leaks, P/M, Etc…
  • Porcelain Repair in Field
  • Silicone Applications
  • Insulator Flash Mitigation
  • Anti-Animal Incidental Flash Mitigation
  • OSHA or In House Color Coding Available for Above (Meter Framing Only)
  • Meter Framing Rehabilitation
  • Turn Key Services (Conception, Engineering to Application and Testing)
  • Full Consulting Services for Problematic Coatings
  • Coating, research, design and implementation
  • Compounding and analysis
  • Testing (lead, Asbestos, Mercury and other..)
  • All Services are Warranted from 1 year to 20 years.

Please Note: We do many specialized designs and services, should you not see what you are looking for, drop us a line, if we don't provide, we may be able to refer you to a corporation who does.