OEM Parts and Services

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies

We supply original equipment for JWI, Passavant, Perrin, IPM, Envirex, Sernatech, Sermagiotto, Wallace & Tiernan and Edward & Jones

Evoqua's Dewatering services team is committed to one thing and one thing only: your compete satisfaction. Our professional field service staff can quickly and reliably answer your questions and troubleshoot your specific requirements, schedule parts shipments, and arrange for an on-site service call. We'll help you get the most of your filter press by lowering maintenance costs and adding years of worry-free operation.

We also offer a convenient, free service to host all of your documentation. No more three-ring binders! Our eDox web site hosts all of your information related to your filter presses, from owners manuals to training materials. Call us today for your free account!

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