Newsletter | January 23, 2020

01.23.20 -- Nuclear Waste Could Be Recycled For Diamond Battery Power

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Air/Gas Flow Measurement For Turbomachinery: What You Don’t Know Can Be Frustrating
By Art Womack, Fluid Components International

The accurate, repeatable flow measurement of air and gases is critical to the safe, efficient, and cost-effective operation of turbomachinery and related equipment in the electric power generation, oil and gas production and refining, and other industries. Choosing the wrong air/gas flow meter sensing technology can have significant consequences.

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Endura Series Combustion Gas Analyzers

Re-engineered and taken back to technical fundamentals, the Endura AZ Range saves you time, money, and disruption. From rugged enclosure design, self-diagnostic electronics, and auto-calibration, to common component advantages combined with proven, innovatively applied technologies, the result delivers solutions that are easy to specify, install, configure, maintain, and use.

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