Source: Software Consulting Group
Deregulation of the energy industry has changed how energy companies do business
Deregulation of the energy industry has changed how energy companies do business. In anticipation of deregulation, SCG designed NEXTEND – a solution to support the changes in business operations so energy companies can focus on their primary business goals.

NEXTEND allows LDC's to comply with the requirements of deregulation and to communicate seamlessly with all companies now involved in energy delivery.

NEXTEND is a cost-efficient solution that can be applied to existing Customer Information Systems (CIS), extending the system to conform with and support deregulation mandates.

SCG utilizes the proprietary firstCARE methodology to assess an energy company's business and technical environment, and architects a phased approach allowing the company to make clear and calculated decisions after each phase. SCG professes that energy companies are never too early when preparing for deregulation and has expert advanced planners on staff. SCG specializes in aligning energy company's business drivers with deregulation requirements, current systems and business processes.


  • Leverages your existing in-house IT knowledge
  • Gives you time to modify your CIS to support full-scale national deregulation
  • Fastest implementation and proven methodology


  • Lower cost solution compared to replacing or outsourcing your CIS
  • Customized to fit your business needs while meeting your state's deregulation requirements
  • Minimum investment that positions your company to migrate into new business models, including merger and acquisitions, products and services and performance based rate making

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