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Managing Chemistry To Mitigate Flow-Accelerated Corrosion
By Randy Turner, Swan Analytical Instruments

FAC is a corrosion mechanism that increases operating and maintenance costs, impacts unit reliability, and most importantly can be a safety concern. Cycle chemistry must be customized for each unit to address its unique design and operating issues. This requires representative sampling, accurate and reliable continuous monitoring, and meticulous control of the chemistry to minimize and hopefully mitigate FAC. Many factors in today’s environment impact unit operations and chemistry control.

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Controlling/Monitoring Chlorination Of Cooling Water

Many manufacturing processes require large amounts of water to provide cooling. Most notable of these are electric power generation plants for steam, oil refining, and petro-chemical manufacturing. In any process where water is used as a coolant, it can contain micro-organisms that interfere with the heat exchangers.

Thru-Flow-Screen Datasheet

Evoqua’s Thru-Flow traveling water screens are the industry standard for raw water intake installations in heavy industries adjacent to a water source. These screens ensure clean, debris-free raw water flows through machinery and other channels within a facility. Evoqua’s Thru-Flow traveling water screens are the most specified screen in the water intake industry and have been setting the standard for more than 100 years.

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