3 Steps To Monitor Critical Electrical Power Assets

Electric utilities face challenges that can amount to millions of dollars of associated costs. To address these issues, asset maintenance is transitioning from traditional reactive maintenance to a proactive strategy using modern sensing technology. A new Emerson white paper describes the three steps for deploying condition-based monitoring on critical electrical power assets which will lead to a proactive — and eventually, predictive — maintenance strategy. Click HERE for more.

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The Effect Of Increased Renewables On Cycling Plants
By Waltron Group

According to World Bank data, the growth in global electricity production in most countries has remained relatively constant over the past decade. Only developing nations such as China and India have seen any significant growth. In that context, the growth of renewable energy sources to about 20 percent of overall supply is a remarkable paradigm shift in the power generation industry. With wind and solar growing five to seven times faster than other sources, this trend will only continue to accelerate.

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Effluent Organic Load Control Using Continuous TOC Monitoring

In order to effectively manage organic load elimination in wastewater treatment, it is necessary to have continuous organic monitoring so that the process can be adjusted according to the actual organic load. This information is critical in determining when to end treatment.

StackFlowMaster Datasheet

The FPD580 series is a range of stack gas flow metering solutions that, when combined with a CEMS analyzer, forms a complete CEMS package for the measurement of mass flow rate of pollutants into the environment.