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Optical Dissolved Oxygen Measurement In Power Plants
By Hach Company

In a power plant, monitoring dissolved oxygen (DO) is critical to preventing oxidation-related corrosion. Compared to traditional electrochemical sensors, optical DO sensors offer exact and cost-effective measurements — while avoiding issues with flow fluctuation and hydrogen cross-sensitivity. Download this article and find out how optical DO sensors can save on service costs — without sacrificing accuracy, repeatability, or stability.

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A Better Alternative To SO3 For Conditioning Electrostatic Precipitators

Many utilities use SO3 to condition flue gas in order to improve the performance of the electrostatic precipitators (ESP). Per the recently proposed mercury (Hg) control regulations from the EPA and state regulators, there will be tighter controls of mercury emissions from the stacks.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis has traditionally been utilized for producing low TDS water from sea water or brackish water sources. As the technology has evolved over the past 30 years, many more applications have been developed.

Generating Station Maximizes Efficiency By Choosing A Membrane Decarbonation System

When dissolved carbon dioxide in the water began overloading the anion resin and decreasing capacity at its Rokeby Generating Station, Lincoln Electric Systems had to act quickly to update its winter contingency plans and meet increasing demand. In this case study, learn why the municipality chose a membrane degasifying system over chemical treatment options or a forced draft aerator, thus reducing costs and improving overall efficiency by minimizing downtime.

M2B Transmitter: Single-Channel Universal Gas Monitoring

The Millennium II Basic (M2B) universal transmitter is a robust and reliable safety solution delivering highly accurate monitoring of toxic and combustible gases. Utilizing our state-of-the-art sensor technology, it provides a flexible detection platform that includes all the advanced features users in the field demand with complete ease of use and operation.

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