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Monitor Your Pump For Process Efficiency
By Jim Delee, sr. member technical staff, Fluid Components International

Pumps are all too frequently one of the most overlooked and abused pieces of equipment in process automation; yet, nothing moves without them, and a process becomes inefficient when they don’t operate properly or completely shutdown.

Condition-Based Maintenance Improves Uptime And Lowers Costs
By Ralph Rio, Schneider Electric

Manufacturers in both the process and discrete manufacturing industries should consider condition monitoring (CM) for critical assets to improve the effectiveness of their maintenance resources. Typical benefits include improved uptime, asset longevity, cost control, yield/quality, and safety. Now is the time for users to re-evaluate their condition monitoring strategies and consider taking advantage of available packaged predictive maintenance (PdM) applications to leverage their existing process and smart device data.

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Nuclear Power Plant Removes Dissolved Gasses From Feedwater With Membrane Contactors

When engineers at the Kori nuclear power plant in South Korea found that dissolved nitrogen in reactor feed water led to an increased production of carbon 14, a long-term environmental contaminant, they sought a way to minimize its production. Membrane contactors were installed to simultaneously remove both dissolved nitrogen and oxygen from the water.

10 Answers For Steam Generation Conductivity

When you’re running a steam-generation power plant, the more information you can get about the conductivity process, the better. Details about the startup, condensate, and feedwater systems can help with efficiency and to avoid costly mistakes. In this field, those statistics aren’t just a luxury, they are required reading.

Brunner Island Station Case Study

The Brunner Island Station in Pennsylvania selected Degremont Technologies for a project that included the installation of wet limestone scrubbers for SO2 abatement.

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