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The Power Of Reclaimed Water
By Veolia Water Technologies

The population continues to grow, demanding more output from fewer resources. This strain is felt acutely in the power industry. New plants are built to accommodate the growing population’s power needs, requiring more water than ever for power generation and cooling. As freshwater resources continue to dwindle, more plants are turning to reclaimed water.

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Electrodeionisation (EDI) Systems Brochure

Two separation technologies, membranes and ion exchange, are combined into one sealed, self-contained unit. The primary use of EDI has focused on RO permeate polishing. This technology is widely used in industry as a final polisher replacing traditional ion exchange units, which required chemical regeneration using base and acid reagents.

Quick Facts: SO3 Control – Not Just To Cure The Blues!

SO3 or the Blue Plume is not as notorious as SO2, Hg, or HCl — but nonetheless is an air pollutant to be reckoned with. “Quick Facts: SO3 Control — Not Just to Cure the Blues!” offers brief questions and answers about what it is and how and why it should be treated — most notably its impact on mercury capture.

Single Line Panel: SLP
For the local indoor installation of online analytics for a single water or steam sample. The system provides 40 to 50 l/h of cooled sample at a constant pressure of 0.5 bar.
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