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Calculated pH By Differential Conductivity Measurement In Mixtures Of Alkalizing Agents
By Marco Lendi, Dr. Heinz Wagner, Dr. Peter Wuhrmann, and Randy Turner

Proper measurement of pH is a key factor of corrosion risk surveillance in water-steam cycles. Since it still seems to be difficult to measure the sample pH directly with glass electrodes, pH calculation, using the difference of sample conductivity before and after a strong acid ion-exchanger, is a frequently used alternative.

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QuickFacts: Dry Sorbent Injection — Keying In On The Benefits!

This article focuses on trying to determine a cost-effective system for controlling a plant’s flue gas emissions, most specifically on the benefits of dry sorbent injection (DSI) and how DSI testing at many power plants has often helped postpone their retirement.

Waltron 3041 Silica Analyzer Datasheet

Waltron’s 3041 silica analyzer is the first choice for online analysis of dissolved silica in ultrapure water applications.

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Water & Power Technologies (WPT) Service Solutions is a solutions provider for your water purification needs. With over 20 years experience, we provide reliable service 24 hours per day, in as quickly as 2 hours. With our strategically located service facilities, Water & Power Technologies can provide quick economical service.

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