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Streamlining Information For Improved Control Room Management
By Schneider Electric

Traditionally pipeline controllers have recorded key information in logs or on spreadsheets. Information management solutions help streamline the massive documentation and logging traditionally done manually by controllers. This paper discusses how an automated system helps pipeline operators comply with new federal regulations by safely reducing demands placed on controllers and the fatigue often associated with their tasks.

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Calibration Of The High Purity 8362sc pH Electrode

The calibration of online low conductivity pH probes can be extremely time-consuming. After exposure to a high ionic strength calibration buffer, equilibration back to the low ionic strength process water can take hours.

HCl And SO2 Mitigation With Dry Injection Of Trona Or Sodium Bicarbonate

The newly promulgated Boiler MACT as well as proposed Utility MACT regulations require HCl to be mitigated to extremely low concentrations. Most of existing air pollution control systems will probably not be enough to satisfy the very low limits.

ZLD Solutions S.M.A.R.T. Z PROCESS

A growing number of industrial operators face the challenge of developing more sustainable solutions for their production sites. For water needs, SUEZ’s Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) process is a complete and cost-effective solution recovering high quality water for re-use while enhancing the production of solid by-products and reducing the facility’s environmental footprint.