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Protect Your Pump And Keep It Longer
By Don Lundberg, Fluid Components International
In today’s complex and frequently rugged process plant environments, liquid pumps are often over-worked and under-protected from adverse operating conditions. Many pumps run nearly nonstop 24-hours a day over multiple shifts. Poor operating conditions can reduce pump performance, require extra maintenance, shorten their lives, and increase costs.
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Baltimore Gas And Electric-Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Deoxygenation System
Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors from Hoechst Celanese Corporation are being used to deoxygenate the high-purity makeup water at BG&E Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant in Lusby, MD.
Degassed Conductivity Analyzer For Faster Unit Startups
Today’s demands require generating units to rapidly respond to changing generation requirements and supply fluctuations from renewables such as solar and wind power. OEMs have designed combined cycle units that can reach full load in less than 30 minutes without sacrificing efficiency or parts life.
Quick Facts: Air Pollution Control…Just A Walk In The Park?

If your coal-fired boiler needs some help with an effective air pollution control system, “Air pollution control…just a walk in the park?” might answer some of your most pressing questions, including just how expensive will it be to install a cost-effective technology.