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Understanding Flow Meters And Their Pros And Cons
By Ron DiGiacomo, ABB Measurement Products

One of the most critical measurements in the processing industries is rate of flow. Flow metering technologies fall into four classifications: velocity, inferential, positive displacement, and mass. This article summarizes the considerations in selecting and applying these flow meters, and provides examples of the kinds of flow meters in each category.

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Ion Exchange Systems Brochure

The Ion exchange process involves the exchanging of contaminant ions for Na+ ions in a softening application and H+ and OH- ions in pure water application.

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Transmitter AMU pH-Redox

Electronic transmitter/controller for the continuous measurement of the pH value or Redox (ORP) in water. Sensor connections for a pH or ORP sensor, reference electrode, Pt1000 temperature, and for a digital sample flow meter. Values for pH buffer solutions and redox calibration solution programmable.

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