New FiltraFast™ Achieves High-Rate Filtration Within A Very Small Footprint

The new FiltraFast™ extreme-rate compressible media filter recently developed by SUEZ achieves up to 10 times the hydraulic loading rate compared to conventional filters, within a compact footprint. FiltraFast™ is customizable to meet specific requirements of different applications, including power plant process water and wastewater treatment. Learn more

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How To Achieve Rapid Steam Turbine Start-Up
By Waltron Group

It’s no secret that the push toward renewable fuels is changing the world of power generation. Despite political ebbs and flows, technological advances are diversifying the sources of power and the costs of generating it. Steam generation is certainly not immune to these shifts.

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Capturing Ammonia In Flue Gas Condensate Treatment For Biomass Power Stations With 3M Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors

Heat and power generation in biofuel engine cogeneration plants has become increasingly important as process industries look for more economical and environmentally friendly ways to produce energy.