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Conventional Resin Cation Exchangers Versus EDI For Cace Measurement In Power Plants
By Randy Turner, technical director, Swan Analytical
The conductivity measurement after a cation exchanger in power plants with steam turbines was introduced soon after 1950 by Larson and Lane. As a result of the simple measuring principle, the sensitivity, and its high reliability, the conductivity measurement after cation exchanger has become the most commonly used analytical method in power plants with steam generators.
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Controlling/Monitoring Chlorination Of Cooling Water

Many manufacturing processes require large amounts of water to provide cooling. Most notable of these are electric power generation plants for steam, oil refining, and petro-chemical manufacturing. In any process where water is used as a coolant, it can contain micro-organisms that interfere with the heat exchangers.

Degassing Boiler Feed Water In China With Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors

ShenLan Environment Inc. located in Shanghai, China, uses Liqui-Cel® membrane contactors in their boiler feed water treatment systems. These systems realize lower operating costs with the added benefit of reducing the chemicals added to the boiler feed water.

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