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Cation Conductivity Monitoring For Faster Start-Ups — A New Approach
By Randy C. Turner, technical director, Swan Analytical USA

In recent years, there has been increased pressure to reduce start-up times for all units, particularly combined cycle units. Most of the combined cycles in the late 1990’s were designed to be base loaded due to the low price of natural gas at the time.

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Quick Facts: Looking For Clarity On Regional Haze Regs?

Our latest short but informative QuickFacts focuses on the EPA’s proposed Regional Haze regs, developed to improve air quality and visibility in more than 150 U.S. national parks and wilderness areas.  

Nuclear Power Plant Removes Dissolved Gasses From Feedwater With Membrane Contactors

When engineers at the Kori nuclear power plant in South Korea found that dissolved nitrogen in reactor feed water led to an increased production of carbon 14, a long-term environmental contaminant, they sought a way to minimize its production. Membrane contactors were installed to simultaneously remove both dissolved nitrogen and oxygen from the water.

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