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The Advantages Of Containerized Demineralization Systems For Boiler Feed Water

When it comes to water treatment improvements at power plants, the last thing an operation wants is long construction and installation times disrupting its work. Ideally, a solution should be installed, tested, and operational in as little time as possible. 

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Dry Sorbent Injection With Trona Or Sodium Bicarbonate For HCl Treatment

While many sites use sodium sorbents for removal of HCl, and many others for removing SO2 or other acid gases, there is a paucity of publicly available data on the removal of HCl in the presence of SO2, especially in the case of coal-fired power generation. SOLVAir Solutions conducted controlled pilot tests using CAPP coal which demonstrates the selectivity of sodium sorbents to remove HCl in a medium to high sulfur environment.

Case Study: Alabama Power Upgrades 90 Damper Drives On Two 720-MW Generators

Alabama Power has modernized drives for most major air dampers on two coal-fired generating units — 90 drives in all. Replacing vintage actuators with new "smart" electric drives eliminates high maintenance costs and offers large fuel savings on coal-fired boilers.

Continuous Phosphate Monitoring Improves Reliability

When municipalities choose to manually feed phosphates into their potable water, this often creates an over-feed of chemicals. Learn how employing an automatic-dosing phosphate analyzer can reduce operating costs and improve reliability.