New Flame Detectors Help Keep Personnel And Facilities Safe

Emerson’s Rosemount™ 975 line features superior reliability and false alarm immunity, providing accurate, real-time flame detection while reducing unnecessary trips to the field. The new line incorporates a variety of flame detection technologies including multispectrum infrared providing wide area coverage and strong false alarm immunity, and integrated ultraviolet/infrared that rapidly detects hydrocarbon, hydrogen, metal, and inorganic fires with robust false alarm immunity.
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Measurement Of Dissolved Hydrogen As A Determination Of Corrosion Rate In Power Plants
By Hach Company
For many years corrosion in boilers of a fossil power plant and in steam generators of PWR (pressurized water reactor) nuclear plants have been studied. In these environments, the metal surfaces react with water at high temperatures to form magnetite.
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Quick Facts: How Old Is Too Old…Does Trona Go Bad?

Asking “How old is too old….Does trona go bad?”, this three-part Q&A puts it all into perspective, answering questions on trona shelf life. Keep on the lookout for our short but informative Quick Facts series, which addresses air pollution control, regulatory issues, and the concerns facing coal-fired power plants, energy-from-waste, municipalities, industrial boilers, and pulp and paper mills.

Chinese Power Plant Reduces Capital Costs, Energy Use With New Integrated Membrane System
As engineers come under increasing pressure to reduce maintenance and operating costs, inefficient combination double-pass reverse osmosis and electrodeionization (RO/EDI) water treatment systems have begun to lose popularity as a means of providing ultra-pure water. Integrated membrane systems (IMS), on the other hand, combine multiple membrane-based water treatment processes into a single system. In this case study, find out how a heat and power plant in northeast China lowered capital costs and energy use by adopting an IMS to replace its conventional water treatment system.
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