Integrated Water Treatment Solution For A New Combined Cycle Power Plant

SUEZ was selected as a single-source provider to design and supply an integrated water treatment solution consisting of four water treatment systems for a 300 MW combined cycle natural gas power plant in California. This first "fast-start" combined cycle power plant in the U.S. began operation in 2012, servicing over 300,000 residents.

In this video, you’ll learn about the project and hear testimonies from both the lead operator and an operations technician. Watch the video.

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Sodium Monitoring In The Water And Steam Cycle In Power Plants
By Hach Company

Today sodium concentration has become one of the most important indexes for quality control of water and steam at power plants; however, measurement of this parameter can be difficult in practice. The use of ion selective electrodes means that analyzers are sensitive to pH shifts, and constant exposure to very low concentrations of sodium ions in ultra-pure water conditions can lead to electrode desensitization. This paper discusses the technical challenges in low-level sodium analysis and the required features for a practical and accurate analyzer to provide trouble-free, sub-ppb measurement.

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Application Note: Desalination Of Sea Water

Desalination is the name given to processes that remove salt from water. Although 70 percent of the world’s surface is covered with water, almost all of this water cannot be used without some removal of salt.

New Technology For Rapid Steam Turbine Start-Up

Growth in renewable (but unsteady) energy sources has placed greater burden on modern gas-fired electric plants to cycle on and off to maintain steady and reliable electric production between renewables and base load.

Midwest Power Station Saves On Chemicals And Reduces Operating Costs With Containerized Mobile Microfiltration System

The Ameren Coffeen Power Station in Coffeen, IL, needed to replace its aging water treatment system, but wanted one that could handle turbidity spikes and total organic carbon, silica, and sodium levels in the lake water. They needed a treatment system that was not only reliable, with maximum uptime, but one that would produce the required quality and quantity of water while reducing plant costs and maintenance time.

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