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10 Fluid Measurement Plant Imperatives That Increase Process Efficiency And Reduce Costs
By Allen Kugi, member technical staff, Fluid Components International

Accurately measuring the flow and level of the various liquids and gases that travel through a process industry plant is a critical function for effective and efficient plant operations.

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Protection Methods For Gas Detectors Used In Hazardous Environments

Almost every industrial setting poses some potential safety risk to personnel working in such environments whether it is something that can be seen, such as rotating machinery, or unseen, such as possible lethal concentrations of flammable/combustible gas.

TOC Measurement Of High-Purity Boiler Feed Water In Power Plants

High-pressure boilers require high-purity feed water to limit the effect of corrosion and deposits that damage steam circuits. Typical corrosives are acid salts such as chlorides or sulfates, which form corrosive compounds. If sulfates are a result of the decomposition of the resins, and the decomposition also causes a release of organic molecules, then TOC can be used as a tracer.

Medium-Voltage Technical Guide

Basics for MV design according to IEC standards. For technical and economic reasons, the service voltage of medium-voltage distribution networks rarely exceeds 36 kV. The connection of an electrical installation to a MV utility distribution network is always realized by means of a dedicated MV substation usually designated "Main substation." Depending on its size and specific criteria, mainly related to the loads, the installation might include additional substations designated "Secondary substations."